About Bindi

Hi, I’m Bindi! I’m the creator, writer, photographer behind this blog.

Why Spicy Vegetarian?

Because spicier is better of course!

I grew up in a Indian household, both my parents are immigrants from India. Spicy food was not just a fundamental growing up, it was a need. My parents started feeding me jalapenos when I was 5 years old and I’ve never looked back. I put pepper on pretty much everything from mac and cheese to eggs. It’s a way of life.

My family is also vegetarian as many Indians are. While I was growing up there weren’t many great options for vegetarian food as it wasn’t part of the mainstream dialogue. I have way too many memories of friends coming over from school and pointing at my grandma’s cooking with a bazillion questions. Flash forward years later and those same friends love eating Indian food and come to me for meatless recipes and tips.

Over the last couple years I’ve gotten more into cooking and experimenting with recipes. I love trying new combinations and cuisines. As I experimented, I found that I was picking and choosing bits and pieces from recipes all over the internet and constantly tweaking up the spice level. So then I thought, why not create my own blog of recipes that combines my diet and love for spice? And, boom here we are.

Hope you enjoy the recipes!